A Picture is Worth a Thousand Clicks

Well, maybe not a thousand, but one thing is clear: using good, compelling imagery will greatly increase your likeability on social media. Our culture has become increasingly visual, with constant access to an Internet full of compelling imagery.

What’s more, because social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter create literal streams of content, we as readers become desensitized. Put literally, we don’t read. Instead we scan the feed looking for something that stands out and catches our attention. Photos provide that. On Facebook, 93% of the most engaging posts contain images. That’s more than plain text, links, or videos.

Image Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/

Image Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/

But all images are not created equal. The best images – just like titles – trigger an emotional response in the viewer. It may be humor, grief, or even curiosity. In any case, they should make the viewer feel something.

That’s why infographics are so popular. They quickly and concisely convey information while at the same time using imagery and color to evoke the appropriate emotion. They make your point for you without requiring too much investment from the viewer.

But some topics, like law, are seldom straight forward enough to be effectively conveyed in in infographic, right? That’s what the article behind the image is for. Just because you can’t convey all the nuances of your expertise in one catchy graphic doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

Instead pair the simplified image with a thoughtful – but not overly long – blog post explaining the intricacies of your topic. The graphic will give you visibility while the post gives you credibility. It’s a great combination. Readers will come away from your blog informed, and able to easily share the basic point of your message in a quick, clear, and concise way.

It is very important to pair your blog posts with compelling imagery. Doing so will increase you likeability on social media, drive more readers to your blog, and make you seem like an expert who can still relate to your customers.

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