How to Compete With Sites Like Findlaw

How Do You Compete Nationally?Many solo attorneys and small firms have come on board with a focus on online marketing. They’ve designed an accessible and content-rich website and they blog regularly. But when they look up their geographic region on Google, they are no where to be seen! How can they compete with websites like Findlaw and

Of course there is no simple one-step solution. By their very nature, these large sites that gather lists of lawyers have a competitive advantage: they are filled with links to other websites which in turn link back to them. So how do small firms compete with that?

Think Local

National websites compete on volume, but you have something unique – your location. There may be over a million lawyers across the nation, but how many of them are in your county? And how many of those focus on your area of law? By using localizing websites like Google+ Local, you can increase visibility in your back yard, instead of competing with lawyers coast-to-coast.

Think Social

Until very recently, almost all customers turned to their friends and families when they needed a lawyer. While one study now says the Internet is winning that race, social media is playing a big role in that shift. By targeting your referral sources through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can keep valuable referrals while competing for Internet recognition.

Think Targeted

Sure, some Internet browsers type something as broad as “Michigan Divorce Lawyer.” And those people will probably see the big websites first. But others will search for their particular problem, like “enforcing support in Michigan.” You can catch those potential clients by including content on the top aspects of your practice and by using laser-targeted sponsored link campaigns to bring in the best kinds of clients, rather than someone “just looking” for a lawyer.

It can be intimidating to maximize your search results when the big players seem to dominate the landscape. But by thinking local, social, and targeted, you can get to page 1 and bring in quality clients on a limited financial budget. If you need help getting your website ready to fight for clients, contact ghost writer Lisa Schmidt today.

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