How can you make ripples in your pond?There are countless niche specialties out there. And because they are so specialized, you can quickly become an expert in that small subset of your field. Whether your passion is for medical marijuana defense or equine law, you can quickly become the go-to person in your niche by blogging.

There are 33,692 attorneys in Michigan. Most of them fall into certain highly competitive categories like family law (3,080 on So how do you make waves in such a big pond?

The key is to distinguish yourself from the competition. By carving out a niche from your large practice area, you cut down the number of attorneys vying for your cases. Of the over 3000 Michigan family lawyers only 62 are listed as Collaborative Divorce professionals. By taking the time to focus on that niche you decrease your competition by 98%!

But once you’ve got the expertise you have to let people know about it. Blogging is a great way to do that. Even while you are still learning you can explain the unique quirks of your niche market and begin to make a name for yourself in the field.

Keep up with changes in your niche market. Read every opinion (or article) you can find, and share your knowledge. Whenever you can, get ahead of the curve by writing about upcoming changes or challenges to the law.

By taking these proactive steps, you’ll cultivate an appearance of expertise. Your blog will become a source of news for potential clients, referral sources, and even other attorneys in your broader field. Then when your would-be competitor runs into a case that falls within your niche, you will be the one that pops to mind.

Marketing as an attorney is about creating an image of expertise. Rather than fighting upstream against the thousands of other lawyers who do what you do, target your practice and your marketing on a niche market and turn competitors into referral sources.

If you need help launching your niche blog, contact blogging coach Lisa J. Schmidt for one-on-one assistance.