Twitter as an Engagement Platform

twitter-bird-white-on-blueA lot has changed on Twitter since I last wrote about how to use it. The platform has gone from a sounding board to an engagement platform. And while you can still use Twitter as a low-investment way to engage with followers, there is so much more that Twitter has to offer.

Today’s Twitter is much more like a conversation than ever before. By tagging your followers in your posts you can engage with them directly. As you share relevant content posted by other industry leaders, you gain reputation. Your followers will see you as a source for good content and your contacts within the industry will see you as a partner in promoting each other’s businesses. In return, they will be much more willing to re-tweet your latest blog post (which of course is pushed to Twitter).

Twitter also functions as massive content index through the use of hashtags. By labeling your posts with #law or #Michigan you signal those readers in the broad Twitter-verse that you write about what they’re reading. This is a great way to engage niche markets that may not realize they should be talking to a lawyer.

For example, a professional jockey probably isn’t following #law, but they might be interested in your post on ownership succession of horses. If you tag the tweet #horse, it will come up in their search and you will have a reader you may never have thought of before.

Like any social media platform, Twitter still has its strengths and weaknesses. But by utilizing the reputation-boosting qualities of hashtags and retweets, you can grow your audience and cultivate great referral partners. If you are ready to take your tweeting to the next level, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt for help getting started.

A special thanks to Heather Coleman Voss of the Ferndale Michigan Works for helping me with the content of this post.

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