Tooting Your Own Horn With News and Testimonials

Should You Post Your Accomplishments?

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Sure, we’ve all known someone who talks about themselves too much. But just because some people go too far with self-praise doesn’t mean there is no place for it on your website. Strategic use of testimonials and news of your accomplishments can boost your credibility and help distinguish you from the rest of your field.

I recently had a conversation with a ghost-blogging client who was hesitant to use testimonials in his blog. He was concerned that it might seem tacky or self-serving. To an extent, he was right. If you rely on these kinds of posts too much, your blog or website could feel more like an ego-building exercise than an informational service. But done right, these kinds of posts make you seem more authoritative and help your readers trust you.

So how do you do it right?

  • Identify key victories. You don’t need to post every time you settle a routine case. But when it’s cutting edge, or a big win, celebrate! Let people know that you are a winner through tweets, news items, or even blog posts celebrating your big wins.
  • Use guest posts. Praise for your work will sound a lot stronger when it doesn’t come from you. If you’ve got a star client, ask them to give you a quote, write a guest post about their case, or even record a quick 30 second video to use on your website. Their voice added to yours will give you instant credibility because it’s not just coming from you.
  • Focus on the giver. Writing a post is celebrating the new award you just received doesn’t give you the right to write a long victory speech. Instead of droning on about your accomplishments, focus on the entity giving the award. Then post a picture of you accepting the award and make sure to update your profile. Grace is key when expounding on your own accomplishments.

Your website is a snapshot of your business. If you would hang an award on your wall, then you probably should be blogging about it, too. Your big wins are news, not just to you but to your clients and referral partners. By addressing these these topics graciously and in moderation you can bolster your credibility and help readers see you as the expert you really are.


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