Should You Be Vlogging?

file000173629408Video blogging or “vlogging” is catching on. There are companies and consultants who will be quick to say what your website needs is a good video. So could vlogging be the next big wave? Should you jump on now and be ahead of the curve?

Don’t let the lack of videos on this site fool you. Vlogging can be an excellent form of content marketing. But before taking the plunge you should carefully consider which medium will best convey your content to your target market.

Is your personality part of your brand?

If your personality is what sets you apart from your competition then vlogging is a great way to convey that value. Whether you are a compassionate lawyer or a perky HR consultant, your look and behavior will say far more than the words alone.

Are you a compelling speaker?
Are you a compelling speaker?

Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

You might  turn to vlogging because, once you get all the right equipment, it is easier to speak your mind than put your thoughts down in words. But before you commit to sharing that video with the world, make sure it is interesting to listen to. The best vloggers are high-energy, passionate speakers. The worst sound like Ben Stein’s economics teacher in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Before you commit yourself to YouTube posterity, take an honest listen to see how you will sound to potential clients.

Is your content easy to understand?

Vlogging on complicated topics like physics or law is an art form. You have to be able to break your concept down far enough so that anyone watching can understand in just the few minutes it takes to watch the video. So if you are explaining what to do when you get pulled over by the police, a video may be perfect. But if you are trying to describe preemption, text may be a wiser choice. In writing, your reader can review your ideas as often as he or she needs to in order to understand your point.

Who is your target audience?

Who you are trying to reach will play a big part in making the decision to vlog. In general, the younger your audience is, the more likely they will prefer video to text. But if your tech-savvy, young client tends to visit your blog in his or her office, a video with sound may not be the first choice. Decide whether your audience is looking to connect quickly or deeply. The first suggests video, the latter, text.

Even if you decide that a written blog is best for you, nothing is stopping you from mixing in a video when the content is right. So the next time you are sitting down to write a how-to blog article or a list of top tips, consider grabbing your camera instead of your keyboard.

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