Why Make a LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn-Logo-02If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you’ll know that last year I wasn’t too keen on the LinkedIn Company Pages. While I definitely saw the value of creating your personal profile, I viewed the company pages as pretty well worthless unless you were looking to hire. But times have changed and so has my opinion.

In October 2013, Google changed the way it indexed websites, giving far more weight to certain “trusted” sources and directories. LinkedIn is one such source. Suddenly it has become much more important for your firm, not just you, to have a presence there.

But LinkedIn shouldn’t be seen as just easier access to the first page of Google. It is also one of the sites people go to specifically for referrals. As much as Facebook is about staying in touch with friends and Twitter is about getting the latest news (or gossip), LinkedIn is about connecting to professionals. Because the site encourages endorsements and reviews, people trust it to help them find the right skilled professional.

LinkedIn has also added Status Updates, which allow you to connect with your followers. By linking your blog to your company’s LinkedIn page, you will be able to reach all of your professional connections to help keep you on their radar.

The world of social media is always in flux. This year has meant big changes for LinkedIn and for Google. If you want to maximize your online marketing dollar, you need to change right along with them.

By creating and updating your LinkedIn Company Page, you can improve your SEO, keep up with business connections, and connect with potential clients looking for your kind of professionalism. If you need help setting up your online presence, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt to see how to make bigger returns on your web marketing dollar.

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