What to Post on Social Media

What to Post on Social Media

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You’ve made a resolution to start taking your social media marketing seriously. Maybe you’ve committed to posting something every day, or maybe you just want to make your presence known. Fantastic. But how do you fill that social media quota? What kind of content will make people interested in your business?


This is especially true for Pinterest and Facebook. If you are going to catch the attention of a potential client scrolling through hundreds of posts, the best way is through a big, colored picture. Whether it is of you, your business, a stock photo of a related topic, or even a cute cat or dog, potential clients will be more likely to click on posts with a picture to catch their attention.


LinkedIn and Facebook have separate sections for other people to post testimonials about your business. But even on those platforms, there is nothing stopping you from posting a client’s kind words (with their permission, of course). Testimonials are one of the best ways to lend your firm credibility by showing that someone else liked your work.


Even if the client isn’t interested in sharing their experience, you can still post generalized stories about what you did for another person. These posts might look like

Dismissed! I just got the prosecutor to drop the charges against my latest OWI client. I love it!

These kinds of posts let potential clients see that you are successful right now, and maybe in a way that directly relates to them.


Has something changed in your business? Are you bringing on a new associate? Are your prices going up or are you having a sale? By letting your followers know ahead of time you’ll make them feel like they’re part of a special club. You could even consider having a special discount for Facebook or Twitter followers.


When business is slow it may be hard to come up with stories and updates, but you have probably filled your time by reading articles related to your field. By sharing these with your audience you show that you are an expert and that you keep up to date on the latest developments, maybe more than your competition.


Just because this is your business doesn’t mean you can’t have fun once and a while. If you see a relevant meme or a tasteful, funny picture that relates to your business, share it! Your followers will enjoy the laugh and will be reminded that you are human too, not just a business.

There are lots of ways to meet your social media goals. By sharing pictures, testimonials, stories, articles, and the occasional joke, you can keep your page fresh and your content interesting. If you need help setting up your social media platforms, contact Lisa Schmidt, blogging coach, to get you started.

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