Top 5 Reasons to Use Numbered Lists

Why you should be using top 5 lists

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Top 10 lists are extremely popular within the blogosphere. Someone is probably writing a new one even as you read this. But can numbered list posts be useful to a blogging lawyer? Aren’t the issues we deal with too complicated to explain that way? Here are 5 reasons I say no:

5. Built-In Structure

Creating a Top 10 (or 5 or 3) list automatically breaks your blog post up into manageable pieces with natural headings. This makes it easier for the casual browser to get the gist of your blog and decide whether he wants to read on.

4. Enforced Brevity

If you are monitoring your word count, you will notice you don’t have many words to explain each of your Top 10 points. This forces you to get to the point and be compelling.

3. Cohesiveness of Ideas

For your regular subscribers, Top 10 lists are a great way to show how some of your other, more in-depth posts fit together. Whether they are all “top tips” or different stages in the same process, you can use a numbered list to bring the ideas together in one place.

2. Teasers and Links

You’ll never be able to fully explain each of your Top 10 items in one post. But don’t despair, you just created teasers for 10 great new posts! As you publish them, go back and add links to your Top 10 to give readers instant access to more information.

1. Trends on Social Media

No matter how accurate your explanation of Michigan No-Fault Insurance may be, it is not likely to get shared on any of your social media platforms. But a Top 10 list that includes mention of that explanation could be. Why? Because social media is enamored with easy reads and bite size information. Sure, many readers will just scan your list and be done with it, but the real potential clients will find something in that Top 10 that speaks to their need and will click on links to read more.

Numbered lists are a great way to connect with casual readers through social media and on your blog. Use them to create gateways to your other blog content, and to your door. If you need help creating content for your blog, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt for help.

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