Top 10 Check-Ups for Your Website at Year End

Does your website check out this December?

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Like a lot of people, December for you might mean a chance to focus on your marketing and check in on your web presence. Here are 10 things to look for in your year end web check up:

  1. Is your website readable? Have you used enough white space and made clear choices for font and color?
  2. Is your website eye catching? Are there compelling images on every page?
  3. Is your website informative? Have you included pages for FAQs, practice area summaries or your blog where clients can find answers?
  4. Is your website targeted? Are you appealing to the right audience for what you do?
  5. Is your contact info easy to find? Can potential clients put their hands on your phone number or email when they’re ready to make the call?
  6. Is your blog integrated? Have you made it easy for potential clients to go from blog to website and back for more information?
  7. Is your website social? Have you linked your website to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts so you are easy to find?
  8. Is your website fresh? Are you using a blog, question and answer section, or news feed to provide regular updates?
  9. Is your website connected? Do you have links to the websites of other related professionals that you trust, making your site more accessible?
  10. Is your website showing up? Do you make the 1st page of Google for your key search terms?

By asking yourself these questions at year end, you can take the temperature on your website and create a plan of action to get the most from your web marketing next year. If you need help planning your web strategy, contact ghost blogger and blogging coach Lisa Schmidt for more information.

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