Keep Writing, Even in the Busy Times

file8921303951830When I first started my law practice, Schmidt Law Services, PLLC, business was slow. I was building my business from zero, so I had plenty of time to focus on Internet marketing and blogging. I wrote articles regularly and posted frequently on my social media sites.

But then I got busy. Several months in I had a handful of cases and one of them was coming up for trial. I made the conscious decision to focus on the work that made me money today – the billable hours – instead of the projects that would build my business in the future. I thought I’ll get back to blogging once I get through this week, and then month, and then year.

When I finally got back to my website I discovered to my dismay that it had been over a quarter since I had posted a blog article. My pageviews had dropped, I hadn’t received a new Facebook like in over a month, and worst of all, my phone was quiet.

It was at that point that I realized I had cut off my nose to spite my face. By focusing so intensely on the next deadline I had forgotten to do the work that would fill in my supply of clients once these cases had concluded. It was shortsighted and not productive.

And so I made a decision. I picked one day a week and marked it “blog day” in a reoccurring event in my calendar. I committed to writing 2 blog articles a week (it has since expanded with the addition of Legal Linguist’s ghost blogging services), and scheduled time to do it.

15 months later, I still have blog day. I still post regularly and I still designate time to write on my calendar. This visual reminder keeps me from filling that day with appointments, consultations, and phone calls, and gives me a deadline to work with. It makes content marketing a weekly priority. Even though sometimes blog day has to shift to the weekend or fill in the gaps between court hearings, the articles still get done.

And I see the results. I have new followers on my blog almost every week, and many of my potential clients call referring to a particular blog article or my website. By making blog day a priority, I have been able to make a habit of writing, develop a following and grow my practice.

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