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Taking inspiration from the headlines will increase hits.Some of the most compelling blog posts stem from the hot topics of the day. While the nation’s attention was wrapped up in the Trayvon Martin case many criminal lawyers took advantage of the limelight to write about “stand your ground” laws in their own states. Even when the headlines aren’t quite so directly on target, you can still use them to guide your blog posts and take advantage of heightened web traffic on particular issues.

People look for different things on the Internet at different times. You can see evidence of this in Twitter’s “trends” and in the articles that circulate on Facebook. Once an idea has taken hold, searches for the topic spike on popular search engines and on social media. But you have to be ready to post relevant new content at the right time.

Take Christmas, for example. Very few people are searching the web for Christmas articles in May. But if you post an article in December about how the Christmas shopping rush affects business planning strategies or what to do to streamline holiday parenting time, your fresh content is far more likely to appear in web search results.

Interest in particular topics on the Internet ebbs and flows. By targeting the trends of the day, whether they be holidays, the change in seasons, or big news items, you can increase your visibility and drive traffic to your blog, and your door. If you need help planning how to write from the headlines and increase your visibility, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt.

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