A New Year’s Social Media Resolution

2014The New Year is a time of looking forward to the year ahead and planning how this year can be better than the last. As you are planning your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about your marketing strategy. Resolve to make better use of social media for your business in 2014. Doing so will grow your online presence, improve your SEO, and bring you better returns on your blogging investment.

What does improving your social media presence look like? That depends on where you start.

Facebook, what?

If you are new to the world of social media, you might see Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn as something your kids or associates use, but not for you. The problem is, more and more of your clients are using social media as a tool to find and vet business professionals. If you opt out you are missing out on a growing piece of the pie.

That’s What I Use at Home.

Personal social media accounts are great to connect with family and friends and keep up with current events, but they are not the best option for your new business social media platform. Instead, resolve to create a dedicated business page with your branding, hours, location, and contact information. Then invite your personal friends to like your business page.

But What Do I Do With It Now?

One great way to get started using your social media accounts is to link them to your blog. That way, every time you post a new article, your target audience will get a reminder of who you are and what you do. This will drive more traffic to your blog, which will in turn send more people to your door.

It’s Got to Be More Than That.

If you’ve already set up your business social media accounts and linked them to your blog, you are ready to take your social media presence to the next level. Using an application like Hootsuite, schedule regular posts to your social media accounts. These can be anything from your latest blog post to a picture of you at a networking event, or even a client testimonial. Mix it up and keep your social media presence fresh. Try to post at least once a day at different times to reach the biggest audience.

No matter what stage you are at in your social media experience, 2014 can be the year you take your web presence further. By resolving to improve your social media marketing you can increase your marketability and drive in new business. If you need help implementing a social media strategy, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt.

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