file1021269350926You’ve been posting regularly, maybe even religiously, to your blog for several months. But this week there’s just no way. Time is short, to do lists are long, and there are simply higher priorities than blogging right now. Is missing one week really going to kill your online marketing efforts?

No. We’re all human and sometimes we get sick, or have too much on our plate. Your followers will forgive you if their subscription email doesn’t show up one morning. But there are strategies you can use to help minimize down time on your blog.

  1. Don’t post the day you write. Plan on writing a few days before your posts get published. That way if something happens and you simply can’t finish your blog article that day, you have an extra day or two to catch up before it affects your posting schedule. Most blog platforms allow you to schedule your posts in advance, so give yourself a buffer to account for the unexpected.
  2. Create emergency posts. Everyone has slow periods in their business. Use that down time to create posts that can be stored and used in emergency situations, like when you get sick. Make sure these articles aren’t tied to any particular news story or event, though. Otherwise the post may seem out of date when you finally use it.
  3. If you miss one, post anyway. Just because this week’s blog didn’t get out by your deadline doesn’t mean you can’t post something later. Consider finding a particularly time sensitive issue and posting an up-to-the-minute update later in the week. That way your readers will be pleasantly surprised by your mid-week post and will forget about the missed day.
  4. It’s okay to skip a week. Missing a blog article is not the end of your marketing world. Your readers won’t abandon you if you skip a week, and your blog won’t suddenly plunge to the bottom of the search rankings. But while it’s okay to give yourself an occasional pass when schedules get extremely tight, if you are having trouble finding time to write regularly, you may need to outsource the work. It’s okay to skip once in a while, but there is a danger to your marketing dollar if you fall out of the habit altogether.

Your blog doesn’t need to be a source of stress in your already intense schedule. It’s okay if you find yourself up against a deadline and need to make adjustments just this once. What is important is that you maintain a feeling of regularity with your readers and that you keep your blogging habit, even when your schedule fills up. If you’re in over your head trying to keep up with your blog, contact ghost writer Lisa Schmidt for help.