3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Title

Finding the right title for your blog can make all the difference in search results.Coming up with a title can be the second most difficult part of blog writing (after picking a topic), but it is important that you consider both your human and automated readers when selecting a label for your latest piece of insight. Here are some tips to finding the perfect title:

1. Use the language of the people.

You know your audience. You’ve taken time to identify them and learn their interests and habits. So make sure your title appeals to them and is written in their language. For example, if your clients call you their “lawyer” don’t refer to yourself as “attorney.” Even if there are nuanced differences in terminology, use the common word in your title and the more technically correct term in the body of your post.

2. Write the way they search.

Web browsers like Google and Bing use automated “webcrawlers” that look for strings of characters that are as close to what the user typed as possible. They have some built in equivalencies, like vs. and versus and common spelling errors, but they will sometimes ignore synonyms. The closer your post’s title is to the sequence of characters entered by the user, the higher you’ll appear in search results.

3. Make it interesting

Once you’ve shown up on their search results, you still need to get readers to click on your post. Consider writing your title in the form of a question you hear frequently. That way when people see the question on the screen they’ll know you’ve got the answer. Another way to make it interesting is to use lists. Top 10 lists are popular and may get clicked on even by only passively interested readers. Keep in mind Top 10 lists are more interesting to people who stumble on your blog article on social media, while direct questions are better for people searching for answers.

Writing a title for your blog can be difficult, but by keeping your reader in mind and writing the way they search you can maximize your chances of showing up in their search results. And by keeping your titles interesting you’ll encourage them to click through and see the valuable content marketing you have to offer.

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