The Importance of Unique Content

file000909879658As you continue blogging, there will be days when you simply can’t come up with something unique to write. Or maybe you will find a great article that you want all of your subscribers to see. You will be tempted to just quote that other blog and call it done. But if you include a citation is that good enough?

Not for search engines like Google. They are looking for original content that provides a positive experience to their users. If you make a habit of copying and pasting content from other sites, your own site will drop in their results lists. If you add other “illicit practices” like adding irrelevant tags to your posts or participating in link schemes to artificially increase traffic, you could find your website blocked from Google’s index altogether.

So what can you do to protect the hard work you put into your content marketing?

  1. Add some unique content to every post. Even if you are referencing a useful article from another site, make sure you give some commentary about why your readers should care.
  2. Screen comments on your site. Delete spam comments regularly, or set your site to automatically hide comments that have not been approved. That way there won’t be irrelevant links on your website. Make sure any links you add are appropriate and on-topic.
  3. Use tags and keywords appropriately. Tags and keywords are important ways to attract new readers, especially if your blog is hosted on a blogging site like WordPress. But make sure the tags you use are directly related to what you’re writing. As a general rule, if the word or its synonym doesn’t appear in your post, it probably shouldn’t be in your keywords.

Unique, high-quality content is the key to search engine optimization. Don’t threaten your hard work by copying someone else’s words when you hit writers’ block. Always make sure that you provide unique content, appropriate links, and relevant tags and keywords, and you will see your website climb Google’s search results.

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