Are You Accessible?

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Your blog can be a great content marketing tool. By posting quality information you can improve your reputation with your referral partners and attract new potential customers. But are you making it easy for them to find the person behind the curtain?

Especially if your blog is not hosted on your website, you need to make sure there are strong links between the two. Here are a few ideas for making those connections:

  1. Build a “Contact Us” page on your blog, or create a tab that connects to the contact page on your website. That way readers are one click away from emailing you.
  2. Make authorship clear. Especially if you blog’s URL is content-based rather than brand-based, it might be hard for your readers to know who to contact if they have more information. Consider adding a short bio section at the bottom of your articles or on a separate “About” page.
  3. Create a “Sponsored By” space on your sidebar. Add your company’s logo and a link to your main website so readers can get more information.
  4. Build a hook into your blog posts. Give your readers clear instructions on what to do if they need more information. You can include a link to your contact page and your phone number.
  5. Link to other areas of your website. If you reference another aspect of your practice, include a link to the page that discusses it. Readers will be given direct access to your firm and will find out the other things you do that might not be the focus of your blog.
  6. Make sure the connection goes both ways. Add links on your main website that point readers to your blog. These could appear on your Bio page and on your practice areas page. You can even consider adding links to particular blog articles.

Unique visitors and page hits important to web marketing, but your bottom line isn’t impacted until the reader turns into a client. Make it easy for them to call or email you by creating strong ties between your blog and your website.

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