Should My Blog Be on My Website?

MP900387935When you set up your blog, you need to decide where it will be on the Internet, specifically whether your blog will be an extension of your website or a separate page altogether. Here are some thoughts to help you decide:

Is Your Website SEO Focused?

There are two schools of thought on website URLs: brand recognition and SEO maximization. If your website is all about the name, like, then people looking for articles on dog owner liability might surf on by. But if your website is focused on a searchable topic, like, it may be the perfect place for your canine-related legal thoughts.

Are You Representing The Firm?

Your blog is inherently personal. It includes your preferences, voice, and ideas. If you are trying to build the reputation of the whole firm then the company website might be an ideal home for these thoughts. But if others in your firm have different practice areas or perspectives on key parts of the practice, you may want to host your blog separately.

Who Owns the Blog Content?

What happens to your blog if you leave the company? Would someone else pick up where you left off? Would you expect to be able to take your writing with you? A stand-alone URL is more portable, but a page on the company website clearly belongs to the firm.

How Focused Is Your Blog?

Most lawyers don’t do just one thing. But when you choose your blog’s topic you may define it narrowly on the one practice area you prefer. There may be room for another blog on another topic down the road. If that’s the case it may be better to use a separate URL for your blog rather than occupying the spot of

How Do You Want Your Blog to Look?

Aesthetics are important on the Internet. Your firm website is probably contemporary and professional, but that look could be all wrong if your blog is targeted at single mothers or teenagers. That said, you wouldn’t want an ABCs or heavy metal theme on your company webpage. By using different themes for your website and blog you can evoke different moods from your readers and motivate them to take different actions. But for consistency’s sake they may need to occupy a different spaces on the web.

How Will The Two Sites Be Linked?

No matter whether your blog is a page on your website or a separate URL, integration between the two sites is important. Even if you decide to host your blog under an SEO maximized handle, you still need to make sure there are clear and easy-to-find links between it and your website. Remember, one of your main goals is to attract clients, so you need a strong connection between your business and your ideas, even when the URLs are completely different.

Deciding where to place your blog on the web can be a complicated decision. But with careful thought you can maximize your impact and your marketing for you and your firm.

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