Reaching Your Referral Partners

MP900341425So far this blog has talked about using blogging to reach potential customers on the Internet. But blogging isn’t just about fishing. Blogging also cultivates your team of referral partners by teaching them what it is that you do.

All private attorneys (in-house general counsel excluded) have some people they rely on to send them referrals. They could have formal arrangements with other complimentary lawyers or they could rely on networking organizations like chambers of commerce. Even if they just get referrals from their family and friends, they all want someone to send them clients.

The best way to encourage this is by making yourself an expert in those people’s minds. A blog is a great way to do that and to maintain constant contact with your referral partners.

When you ask them to subscribe to your blog they will start receiving regular reminders of what you do and, more importantly, what you know. Weekly, or even daily emails announcing your latest blog post puts your business in their inboxes.

People refer people they know, and professionals want to know that the person they refer has the ability to do the job. By maintaining a consistent, conversational blog that deals with everyday issues you can assure your referral partners that you are competent to handle their clients’ concerns.

And by demonstrating week after week that you have unique knowledge and insight into your practice areas, you will constantly remind your subscribers that you are an expert in your field. Then when a potential client comes to one of your readers with your kind of problem, you will be the one he thinks of to solve it.

Content marketing is not just about fishing for potential clients through keywords and SEO. It is also about training your referral partners to be better salespeople for your business.

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