Increase Your Circles of Influence

MP900316787A few weeks ago, I discussed how you can use your blog to increase your reputation in the eyes of your referral partners. But your friends and business colleagues are also a great sources of web traffic. The key is to make them curious about what your blog has to offer.

As important as web marketing may be to your advertising strategy, it is not your only source of clients. You have contacts, business partners, and acquaintances that you connect with from time to time. So the next time you find yourself at a networking cocktail hour, come prepared.

First, make sure your blog is on your business card. Then, rather than hitting the basics – where you work, what your practice areas are, or the outcome of last night’s game – talk about a few of your more interesting blog posts. When your contact ask for more detail, suggest that he check it out on your website and hand over your card.

Next, ask if he blogs. Get his website information and follow up with a visit. Find something that interests you or relates to your business and like or comment on it. You will help build his business and give him an example of how to help build yours.

But your business contacts are only the first ripple. When they like, comment on, and follow your blog they boost your SEO. Then when they connect with you or share your articles on social media they put your blog in front of their clients and the ripples widen.

By forming strategic online and social media partnerships with your best referral partners, you can both expand your contact spheres and reach more potential clients. So practice talking about your blog and your next business meet-and-greet into a real opportunity to expand your contact circles.

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