Getting Your Blog in Fighting Shape

MP900387334Your blog is fighting with literally thousands of other websites for the attention of prospective clients. Most of those websites have nothing to do with your business, and even the ones that do may be for companies so far away they aren’t even competition. So how can you build up your blog to push aside those irrelevant sites and rise to the top of your clients’ search results?

  1. Use the right terms. Just because the technical term for your practice area is “medical malpractice” doesn’t mean that’s what your clients are looking for on the web. Take the time to figure out the keywords potential clients are using to find businesses like yours. Then build these terms into your web copy and blog content to build your organic SEO.
  2. Bulk up your blog. Make sure your website is full of good and accessible content. The more references you have to key terms, the easier it will be for web crawlers to find you. The quicker they find you, the higher you’ll be in their search results. But don’t forget to keep your site accessible too. A page loaded down with keywords may get a lot of hits, but visitors won’t stay long. Prevent bounces by making sure your content is readable, engaging, and answers your readers’ questions.
  3. Post often. One of the things browsers like Google and Bing look at is how fresh your blog is. By posting every week or more, you keep your content fresh and at the time of the search results. Plus, by posting frequently and regularly, you’ll put yourself in front of your followers and referral partners. Their visits, likes, and comments, will also boost your SEO and make your blog rise to the top.

The Internet is a competitive place, with contenders from all over the world. Keep your blog fighting for the top spots in the search results by using terms people search for, loading your blog with accessible content, and keeping it fresh. This will get your blog into fighting shape and drive potential clients to your site and your door.

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