Expanding Your Blog’s Focus

MP900438755No matter what your blog’s topic, eventually you are going to hit a slow news day. But just because there’s no big headline doesn’t mean your website is taking the day off. Uploading new content regularly is essential to building your online visibility. So what do you do when there’s no news?

Just because there is no new case or exciting front page article doesn’t mean that there is nothing to write about. When the news gets slow it’s time to get creative. Maybe now is the time to go back and take one of those tangents you cut out of a previous blog or explain a legal term. Remember, knowledge that is automatic for you may be completely new for your clients.

Some of the best blogs articles are the ones that break down your services for your clients. Consider explaining one of your offerings. Walk potential clients through the procedure of a typical lawsuit, or explain the basic elements of a more typical criminal charge that you defend.

If you are still having trouble coming up with a topic, it’s time to expand your horizons. Imagine topics that are related to your blog, but may not be directly on point. If you do family law, consider an article on parenting styles. A business lawyer could take a moment to talk about the stock market. A criminal lawyer might detour to discuss incarceration statistics.

Your readers are looking for your unique perspective, not necessarily for a news source. When there’s no headline news, it’s time to develop your voice and let potential clients know who you are and what you think. Even if the topic is only somewhat related to your caseload.

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