7 Quick Tips to Spruce Up Your Online Image

MC900078751You’ve been working hard on your blog and your social media platforms, but it still feels like something’s missing. Maybe you need a social media makeover. Here are 7 tips to touch up your online image:

1. Use Pictures

Using pictures in your blog posts will help draw attention and set the tone of each post. A comic can get people laughing. Try using a chart to help your reader understand a difficult topic.

2. Change Your Pictures

Change up your profile and cover photos on your social media platforms. You’ll be surprised how many people will “like” the new photos, even if you have used them before. It will also give your company a visibility bump on your followers’ news feeds.

3. Add a Head Shot and By-Line

If you are not the only one contributing to the content of your blog, think about adding a thumbnail-sized head shot and a quick bio to the bottom of your posts. This can personalize your site and let your viewers know whose thoughts they’ve just read.

4. Be Unique

Take some time to look at your competitors’ websites and social media pages. Does yours stand? What makes your site more appealing? If the answer is nothing, think about hiring a web designer to give your site a makeover.

5. Use Color

Lawyers are especially afraid to use too much color on their websites. They are afraid to seem unprofessional. But colors can evoke different emotions from your viewers. So the real question is, how do you want your viewers to feel? Pick colors that help them get there.

6. Check Your Font

Typography is an entire industry centered on the shape of letters. Is the shape of your words playful or serious? Does it suggest competency or trendiness? What do you want your letters to convey? A marketing professional can help you find just the right serif for your style.

7. Try Video

If you’re still feeling stuck in a rut, you could record a video for use on your site or social media page. These videos can talk about your firm, your services, or something unique that you offer your clients.

There are a lot of small (and not so small) changes you can make to your online image that will help you stand out from your competition. Even a simple change can draw attention to your site and help drive more traffic to your blog.

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