MP900284935You’ve committed to writing a professional blog, but now the kids need to be dropped off at school, and you’ve got a meeting in 2 hours, and don’t forget about that client who is coming in this afternoon. Couldn’t you skip the blog just this once? How often do you really need to post for it to be enough?

There is no one right answer. Originally, the feeling was that you have to provide new content every day, like a newspaper. It’s true that your readers will not come back to read the same content again and again, but are they really going to read every word of your content? While search engines like daily posts, your readers may not have time to keep up.

Other commentators feel that once a week might be enough. Particularly when combined with other online marketing efforts, you could see significant returns on your investment of just a couple hours per week. It all depends on how you will use what you write.

The right balance also depends on what you are blogging. If you are a photographer who is sharing sample images that are available as prints, by all means post daily. In the visual arena you need constant contact with your viewers. But if your posts tend to be long, thoughtful dissections of the latest law or news story, then even twice a week may be more than most readers can handle (Stay tuned for a later article on the optimal word count).

The key is to find a good balance between the ever-hungry search engines and the busy but interested readers. Constant contact is important, but it can be achieved through other sources like social media and emails that bolster the effect of your blog.

So how often is enough? For most people, probably somewhere between once a week and once a day. The most important thing, though, is to be regular and to include high quality content whenever you update your blog. And always have a post or two stored away, in case you need to skip a day to take the kids to school.