Goldilocks and the Three Blog Topics

MC900387129Once you have figured out who you are writing to, your next step is to decide what you are going to write about. Consider what your target audience is likely to read. Choosing the topic for your blog is all about finding what is “just right” for your Goldilocks readers.

If you’re like most lawyers you don’t do just one kind of law. You might be in a family court on Monday, a civil court on Tuesday, and before an Administrative Law Judge on Wednesday. Because you want business in all these areas, you may be tempted to blend all of these topics into your blog.

Resist that urge.

Your blog’s followers will find you because of 1 topic. Maybe one is a social worker interested in children in court. Another is a news reporter looking for the next big change in civil litigation. A third is a union rep who is trying to keep up on the issues facing the people she represents.

The problem: these 3 readers won’t all be interested in the same articles. If you write posts that all 3 would read in the same blog, you run the risk of being too broad. When you’ve neglected what brought her to you for one too any weeks, Goldilocks will lose interest and move on, seeking something more focused.

But there is also a risk in drawing your circle too narrowly. Remember, you are going to be generating new content for this blog every week. No matter how fascinated you are with Amish zoning variances now, in 6 months you will be pulling your hair out looking for new unique content. Goldilocks will probably stick with you longer than if you ranged all over, but she will be driven away once you have to resort to redundant content.

Instead, create a topic that can be approached from different angles or perspectives. It should have one central idea, but individual posts can relate to that idea in many different ways.

For example, let’s say that you are trying to take on more wrongful termination cases, but you also do some union negotiation work and criminal defense cases. You probably won’t be able to include all three of these areas in the same blog. But union negotiations and wrongful termination both fall within the same category. If you focus your blog on labor law you can cover both topics, and even occasionally build in a criminal defense issue like embezzlement that ties back to the employment relationship.

This kind of focus should be “just right” for Goldilocks, who probably came upon your site looking for help with her employer, and will follow your posts because you can give her useful insight on all aspects of her work life.

Once you have begun blogging pay attention to your page views. If one article consistently gets high views even weeks later, go back to that topic and do follow up posts. This will catch your readers’ interests and bring them back for more.

4 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the Three Blog Topics

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